Model: MetArt Abby, FemJoy Abby

Newcomer Abby lays on the bed, baring her unshaven pussy.
This photo set finds Abby completely naked in a field of red flowers. Her body glows with a natural health and radiance, and her freckles practically sparkle. The blue sky shines down on her, providing a complementary backdrop. The flowers become a prop in accentuating Abby's shapely body and her unique character. Fun-loving, soft, intimate, and inviting are just a few words that come to mind. Abby is a force of nature. She is round and ripe for the picking. You don't find bodies like hers often. And the camera takes in all of her natural beauty melding with the natural beauty of the setting. You can practically smell the flowers. It is for this all-consuming, romantic sensation that we have chosen this set as the