Model: FemJoy Alannis

This week's exclusive photo set features the extremely exotic, extremely sexy Alannis. This beautiful brunette has graced our pages several times, and based on the some of the responses we've received for her and this set, we feel she deserves to be featured, so here she is! : )
Alannis has great tenacity for finding interesting locations. And her poses are always a reaction to these locations, and her enjoyment of being naked for you. Here she has found a huge pile of volcanic ash. She finds it exciting. There are many things she does with the ash, such as letting it flow through her fingertips, rubbing it on her body, and brushing it off herself in her sweet dainty way. There are also many things the ash enables her to do. The most important is that she can comfortably get down on her hands, knees, behind, stomach and move around. You see the pleasure and playfulness in her eyes. She has set it up well, has you under her spell, and she knows it! Come view beautiful, nubile, Alannis at her best.