Model: FemJoy Kaethe

Sometimes a photo set is more than a photo set. Some magic combination of photographer, model, and location produces a group of images that transport you somewhere else. FEMJOY specializes in these
Imagine waking up to Kaethe every day. As you awake, she's alreadystepped out of bed, in her bathrobe, prepared some breakfast, and iswaiting for you in the shining white living room. As you look her over,she lets the robe drop, and her glory is revealed to your eyes.Everything about Kaethe is perfection...that anyone can see...but mostperfect is her presentation as a woman. Everything about her isaroused, tight, conscious of being watched. She loves being watched,and she is very good at it. Let's just say she holds up her end of thebargain...very, very well.Want to see Kaethe every morning? Enter FEMJOY. She's always there.
Kaethe starts off her walk in the woods in a sexy red dress that matches the autumn foliage. Her waist-length blonde hair swings from side to side, matching her soft tan skin. Kaethe is a true natural beauty - she has all the right colors, and all the right curves. Her red dress comes off in one of the sexiest strip-teases we have seen. And then Kaethe really lets go - she's up, down, and around on the nature trail. Just how we like our lovely models to play and pose. She has that young, ripe look of a freshly plucked flower and a fine firm body of a healthy woman at the prime of her beauty. Come find the best thing about the outdoors this morning - Kaethe!