Model: FemJoy Kamea

Kamea decided to spend her Saturday afternoon reading in bed. But it was hot, so she chose to disrobe, and as the sun poured in over her gorgeous 19 year old dancer's body, she picked up a book and started reading.It was a biography of Jim Morrison in Russian (Kamea is Russian). The book told of Morrison's life, and Kamea started to get turned on. She loves The Doors and Morrison's poetry, and like many women before her, she found Morrison incredibly sexy. As she thought of him, her hands passed down between her legs, and she pleasured herself.Then she drifted off into a nap. Her mind was reeling from the ecstasy of her self-pleasuring session, and visions of men she'd desired or had in her life ran through her mind. It was all a little unclear, a little infused with the clouds of desire, but piercing through it all was a great and intense urge to be touched and to touch, to share sensual pleasure with a man.Might you be that man?