Model: FemJoy Kassia

The decision for a girl to pose nude is a big one in her life. She has lots of considerations - her family, her boyfriend, her girlfriends, her professional life, her own sense of decency. But every girl has a private decision to make, based on her own life. And Kassia had one such decision a few months ago.Kassia is not the kind of girl who would ever pose nude. She is not a model, she is not experienced sexually, and she is the kind of girl who doesn't even like to take showers with her girlfriends. In other words, she's very modest. And shy. And innocent. So getting naked for the camera is something she never imagined she'd be doing.And then it happened. She was over at her girlfriend's house and there was a website on the computer that caught her eye. The girls were beautiful and naked. The photography was classy and professional. And the whole layout seemed to imply respect for women. Of course, the site she was looking at was FEMJOY.Kassia contacted us, sent us her photos, and a star was born.